Summer Safety

Summer is finally here! We have all been waiting eagerly for it, but have you prepared?

Here are tips to consider during the Summer to keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy and safe

Water Safety                                                                                              Water-related activities are popular in the Summer for a variety of reasons. Pools, Splash pads, lakes and rivers are all great ways to relax, cool off and have fun – but for your health and safety, remember a few things:                              • Why should you care?  Drowning is the 5th leading cause of unintentional death in the USA. Everyday, about 10 people die from drowning – of those 2 are 14 years old or younger. Among children ages 1-4, most drownings occurred in home swimming pools.  For every child who dies from drowning, 5 receive care for non fatal submersion injuries including brain injury and paralysis.                  •  If you are going to be in or around water, LEARN TO SWIMParticipation in formal swim lessons can reduce the likelihood of childhood drowning death by 88%.       *CEMS does not endorse any particular learn to swim program – that was just the first result from a simple web search)                     •  Teach children how to swim. Flotation aids and PFD’s are always a good idea for weak swimmers, but make sure they are worn properly and well fitted.         •  If there are going to be many people or any children swimming, someone should be watching AT ALL TIMES. That means, NO reading a book, NO being on the phone, NO #selfies… NO leaving or distractions unless everyone is out of the pool or someone else steps in to watch. It only takes a few SECONDS for an emergency to happen, and most drownings go unnoticed by untrained persons.  •  LEARN CPR                                                                                                  • Limit alcohol consumption. Among adolescents and adults, alcohol use is involved in up to 70% of deaths associated with water recreation, almost a quarter of Emergency Room visits for drowning, and about one in five reported boating deaths. Alcohol influences balance, coordination, and judgment, and its effects are heightened by sun exposure and heat.                                              • Do not drink the swimming water – it’s gross.

Extreme Heat                                                                                            Extreme heat causes more than 600 deaths per year and is PREVENTABLE. Persons at most risk for heat related injuries are people over the age of 65 and under the age of 4, and people with chronic diseases or mental illness.                                                                                                               • Check your air conditioning unit and have it serviced if needed. Clean any filters as well to ensure adequate air flow. Fans are not reliable ways to keep cool especially in times of high humidity.                                                                 • Inspect your doors and windows to make sure the weather stripping is intact     • Cover windows that receive lots of sun with curtains or blinds to keep the heat at bay                                                                                                             • Learn to avoid, spot and treat heat illness.                                                    • Stay hydrated! Drink more WATER than you usually do. Waiting until you are thirsty means you are already dehydrated. If you are going to be active outdoors, add electrolyte enhanced drinks to stay hydrated.                                              • Check on your neighbors, relatives, and friends, especially if they are elderly or live alone                                                                                                       • NEVER leave children or pets alone in closed, non-air-conditioned vehicles. ALWAYS check and double check to make sure there is not a sleeping child in the back seat of the car before you get out.

Severe Weather                                                                                              • Keep an eye on the sky! If conditions look threatening, head indoors.               • Be aware of the weather forecasts to plan your day accordingly• In the event of a severe thunderstorm, seek shelter indoors. Head for an interior room on a lower floor and stay away from windows.                                                           • If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning (it can strike as far away as ten miles!)                                                                         • If a storm produces a lot of lightning, try to avoid using electrical appliances, wired telephones, and running water.                                                                • If strong winds are forecast, be sure to bring in any unsecured lawn furniture or other items to avoid debris.

Flooding                                                                                                             • Try to avoid traveling through any flood waters. It only takes a few inches of moving water to knock you off you feet. The same goes for driving – driving through collections of water should always be avoided.                                      • If flooding is anticipated, make sure your sump pump is in working order. it may become overwhelmed or fail if there are power outages so also pick any electronics off the floor to avoid any electrical shorts.                                         • Be prepared to evacuate if necessary; identify a safe place for you and your family to go or meet up in case your home is not safe.

In General                                                                                                       • We all love to sit around a nice fire on a warm summer night and enjoy a S’more (or two). Be mindful around fires – make sure there are no bans in effect and have an extinguisher at the ready.                                                              • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply frequently                                  • Use bug repellent to avoid bug bites and mosquito-borne diseases          •Fireworks are very popular this time of year, but please be responsible when using or watching.


We hope everyone has a wonderful, happy, healthy and safe summer!