Join a Winning Team

At Colonie EMS we have both volunteer and career opportunities. We provide EMT training, orientation, continuing education and a vast spectrum of specialty rescue training to all of our people.

How to Join

To join our team, Both volunteer and career applicants must complete this form and file with out town’s department. At least once a year we will hold an entry Physical Agility Test (P.A.T.)to ensure all of our people are capable of performing minimum physical requirements.

This entry P.A.T. includes:

  • Carry 75lbs of primary care equipment up and down two flights of stairs.
  • Dragging a weighted manikin 75 feet
  • 2 Minutes of continuous CPR / Chest Compressions
  • Upper body strength station lifting a weighted manikin.
  • Barbell carry of 120lbs simulating a stretcher carry and walking backwards 75 feet
  • Climbing through a 24″ culvert pipe (simulating a confined space)
  • Climbing a ladder (you will be wearing our safety equipment and on a belay rope)
  • 2 laps in an Olympic sized pool